History of Mellos

Mellos Peanuts and Popcorn has been a Chicago tradition since 1946. Mellos is a family owned and operated company which combined with experience and long-time passion for great food and service. Our family has set about sharing their vision of bringing Mellos to Chicago by expanding into candy shops, museums, airports, and more.

We strive to ONLY give our customers the experience of our great flavors and freshness.

Our family looks forward to the future of our continuous expansion of products. We are proud of Mello’s role in Chicago’s history.  When we attend the candy shows, presidents and CEOs of some of the largest candy companies in Chicago will often come up to us and say, ‘The first money I ever made in this business was selling your peanuts on the streets as a kid. That’s how I got my start in candy.’ Over the years, Mellos has given kids the opportunity to make extra money, or help a church raise the funds to build another parish in a new city.”

The red and white striped Mellos bag is iconic in Chicago, synonymous with great taste, quality, baseball, and fun times. When people see the Mellos Peanuts and Popcorn bag, they know the quality flavor they can expect. With Mellos’ legacy in the hands of passionate entrepreneurs, we expect to be around for generations to come!